List my business in Google, Yelp and 4 other websites

List my business in Google, Yelp and 4 other websites

List my business in Google, Yelp and 4 other websites

Sep.21.2021 / By Yarseo
List my business in Google, Yelp and 4 other websites

How to list your business in these 6 popular and free online directories

The internet is a great marketing tool for any business, and there's no excuse for not taking advantage of some online freebies that can boost your sales

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a simple plan for tracking your success.

In this occasion, we're share with you 6 websites where you can list your business for free. Mos of them offer free statistics, however you should take the time to ask new customers how they found you and focus there.

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#1 - Get a Facebook Business Page

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users and almost all of them login on a daily basis. That's more than China's population, which is the largest in the world!

There's no doubt about it, your business MUST be added to Facebook today

You can create a Facebook fan page here by filling out the form. Remember to complete all the details after you set it up. This first step is only to create, but the details need to be filled in after it's created.

We recommend that you at least fill out the most important sections, and you can read our article regarding Facebook page optimization here.

create Facebook page

#2 - Create a Google My Business Listing

Google is the behemoth of search engines and digital marketing. They perform over 3.5 Billion daily searches on average.

So how can you take advantage of these numbers? By creating a Google My Business listing! You can create yours today for free. Click here and provide your business information.

If you prefer, you can also call their phone number at 844-491-9665. Note that this call is free on their part but it may incur additional charges if you don't have unlimited calls on your phone plan. Also, their support is only available Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm EST.

Create Google Listing

The process for the most part is simple, however there might be some exceptions.

Usually once you fill out the form you must verify the listing with a code that they send by mail and the code is inside a postcard. Once you get it, you log back in and then verify it, then your listing then is published on Google maps.

You might face the following exceptions:

  • 1. Your business is already listed. In this case, just "claim this business" by either phone call or mail. This is better than starting from zero.
  • 2. Your business is already listed but someone else is managing it. In this case you might need to check your record since you might have already claimed it. Sometimes an employee is the administrator of the listing or even a marketing agency you worked with in the past.
  • 3. You lost access to the listing because you lost your email login credentials and now you can't enter. In this situation, you can fill out this form and request access or ownership. This process is lengthy and you might not have success but usually you can regain the access by verifying the address by mail and a phone call.

#3 - Put Your Business on Apple Maps

Think about it; Most smartphone users are either iOS or Android. So the next best place where you can add your business listing to is Apple Maps.

Before you begin, you must have an Apple ID, and if you don't have one simply click here to create one.

Once you're ready to start adding your free Maps Connect listing, head over to Maps Connect and fill out the form. Please note that this service might not be available to you if you don't have a brick and mortar business. Apple might require a picture of the front of your business or your office directory for verification. I have been informed that they only accept businesses with a building or office but I have been able to add businesses without one. Give it a try.

how to verify Facebook page

#4 - List it on Yellowpages

Yellowpages might not have the power it used to be back in the 90's, however they still offer a great listing opportunity for your business and it's also free.

They offer a local SEO service through a third party, however that's up to you to. We offer a better plan and at a much better price here

To start the process of creating your free listing click here.

There is a phone call verification, but other than that the process is simple.

YP free listing

#5 - Bing for Business Free Lisitng

Next is another big search engine; Bing. Or in this case called Bing Places.

Before you head there, you must have a Microsoft Account and you can create yours here.

Once you take care of this, you can head over to the Bing listing creation page and see if your business is already listed there. Just enter your phone number and if it can't find your business then you can create one.

Depending on whether your business is already listed or not, you will have to verify that you're the owner of a location by accepting a phone call or requesting a verification code which arrives by mail at your business within 7 days.

Create free Bing listing

#6 - Free Angie's List Listing

Angie's List now offers a FREE listing option and you no longer have to pay or wait for someone to add you.

Angie's List is typically seeing as a place for contractors and landscapers, however their listing options are vast and you can see if your business can be listed here.

To begin, head over to the free Angie's List registration page and enter your information. If your business is not listed there you can create an account and have them list your business there. If you're already listed there, you can claim the page and manage it.

There is no verification required and this might be a great way of putting your business on more places. Good luck!

Free Angie's List Listing

That's it! On average creating these listings can take up to a couple hours of your time. We recommend you create them in a few minutes, otherwise your session might timeout and you will have to start over.

If you still need help, get a hold of us and we'll be happy to help or leave a message and we'll try to answer your question a soon as possible.