Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO

Your business will love the added online attention

Local Search Engine Optimization or Local Listings is about creating a stronger online presence through the creation of accurate online business listing on at least the major search engines such as Google, directories such as Yellowpages and social networks such as Facebook.

Local SEO or local business listings are one of the best and more affordable options to enhance your overall business online presence. With our Indianapolis Local SEO service you can deliver the exact info and attract real visitors throughout a great varierity of listings on both social media, search engines and online directories.

Benefits of having Local business listings:

  • High search engine results.
  • Increased reputation on and offline.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Excellent opportunities to extend branding online.
  • All your accurate, up to date information readily available.
Local SEO or Local Citations

Our Prices

These are one-time charges and you can buy up to 20 additional listings per location

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Single Payment


  • Single Location
  • 41 Permanent Listings
  • Business Categories
  • 6 Images Upload
  • 30-Day Review Monitoring
  • 30-Day Listings Management
  • Tracking Tools

Our Features

You can take advantage of these and other features for 30 days!

Location Management

We provide you with a platform that lets you manage your own listings with ease so that you can focus on your business. Whether you have one or dozens, we have the tools to make it easy on you.

Crawl All Listings

You can easily edit your business information directly from the dashboard. You can also add more information about your business to enhance your listings, add your social media links, photos, menus, etc.

Instant Sync

When you add your business information, we'll instantly scan the web to find and sync all your listings from the top 200 directories. You can then instantly fix inaccuracies that may be present on any of them.

Review Monitoring

Manage your interactions directly through our dashboard. With reviews and social interactions at your fingertips, you can connect with your customers wherever they are. Your reputation is important to us!

Analytics & Reporting

Your business rankings are a quintessential part of your online visibility. Our platform tracks your rankings from the moment you sign up and shows you the changes over time. Export it in csv and pdf formats.

Review Widget

You've worked hard to earn great reviews for your business, so why keep them a secret? Use our widget customizer to choose what kind of reviews to show and how you want them to be seen. Perfect for your website!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please let us know if you have any additional questions not answered in this section.

What's included with the setup fee?

Everything necessary to get your website online, from purchasing your domain to integrating your existing social media accounts. This is a one-time cost and is not refundable.

What's a subscription plan?

We are providing you with "Software as a Service". It's a service very comparable to DIY platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace and Wix. It basically means that you don't own a copy of the code that makes up the website, although you own the content created. Unlike these DIY applications, you have the option to purchase the code if you'd like to.

Can I add additional pages to my website after launching it?

Only tho the intermediate and advanced plans. If you purchased a begginer's plan you can still upgrade to the next available plan. Additional pages can be purchased in packages of 3, and they incur a one-time payment. Your yearly cost won't change.

What are the differences between shared and premium web hosting

The main one is speed. We still guarantee solid security, 99.9% uptime and flexibility to both plans.

Do I own the domain name?

Yes as long as you renew your subscription. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel our service, you can still transfer your domain name to any domain name registrar un until the last day of your term. We can still purchase the domain name and use it if you don't renew, and we can do anything we want with it, from selling it to setting up other websites under it.

Can I integrate my social media accounts?

Yes. We won't create any of them under any of these plans, unless you purchase this option.

Can I add a contact us form to my website?

Yes, they all come with a contac us form. Our advanced plan includes other types of integrations, such as online booking, etc.

Email Accounts

We offer branded email accounts, this way you can look like the professional you are. Each plan includes a fixed number of available accounts.

Technical Support

Is your website offline, emails not coming through, or you have questions regarding the website? We're here to help! We provide over the phone support for all your questions, concerns or issues.

CMS or Content Management Systems

What's a CMS? CMS is short for Content Management System, and the most popular ones are WordPress and Joomla, however we may use our custom CMS in order to provide you with quick access to editing capabilities.

Can you customize my website?

Our basic subscription doesn't include any customization at all, and our intermediate and advanced plans have limited ones. We will make sure that your website matches your logo colors and your industry. Customization is available for purchase with intermediate and advanced plans, however the website will still adhere to our SaaS terms. If you need something more customized, we recommend using our custom website design service.


We provide limited number of revisions with our intermediate and advanced plans, and these revisions are limited to colors and content. This means that if you're not happy with something about the colors or content of the website, we will adjust it. Layouts, html, css and javascript files come as they are. They are 100% functional, but we won't customize them to fit additional features.

Regular Updates

We won't regularly update your website, however we will keep our platform up to date to ensure performance and security. Our basic plan doesn't come with content updates, and this means you're 100% responsible for updating through our CMS. Our intermediate and advanced plans include limited numbers of updates throughout the year. For example, if you want us to update your phone number, that counts as an update. It's recommended you create a list of updates to maximize usage.

What are Plugins?

A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a website with CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. They can extend functionality or add new features to your website. Only our advanced plan can offer these capabilities. Our intermediate plan is still flexible, and we can provide you with additional options.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates can still be purchased with any of our subscription plans. A SSL certificate provides users with security, and in 2019, boost your Google rankings.