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Good and bad reviews are available for everyone to see - whether you like it or not - and they popup on the biggest search engines, the largest social network, and the most popular online directories.

Companies with multiple, recent, and positive reviews, rank higher in search results and are more likely to be chosen by potential customers.Your overall online reputation is one of your most effective marketing tools.

Citations usually don't incur ongoing fees and up to 86% of people trust reviews left on those online places. Sadly business owners are still underusing or completely ignoring this powerful marketing tool.

Effective online reputation management involves taking some of the following online actions:

Reputation Management

Local Citations/SEO

Strong online presence for your business

How can customers leave you online reviews if you're nowhere to be found? Think of an online listing as a digital business card, and the internet as your distributor. It does not do any good printing the most beautiful business cards and just carrying them around in their original box without distributing them.

With online business directories and social networks, you don't have to worry about handing out business cards as much, because when someone performs a search in either a search engine such as Google, an online directory such as Yelp or even on Facebook, they are already in the immediate need of a product or service and you must make sure that your business is not only listed there, but that the information listed there is accurate and preferably that you have recent and a great average reviews.

We can create online listings for your business on up to 41 directories and make sure that the information that is distributed among these listings is accurate and optimized. Among them are:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Yellowpages
  • Bing
  • Foursquare
  • And at least 36 more!
online reputation and presence

Review Monitoring

Real time review monitoring

The second step we recommend for working on your online reputation is to monitor reviews and respond as soon as possible. No business is exempt from negative reviews, but acting quickly can be the difference between changing a customer's perspective or adding a negative review to your listing permanently.

The truth is that most customers want to be heard and sometimes the best way for them to get your attention is to go online and leave a negative review.

Positive reviews must also be replied to within a reasonable amount of time. These clients are your fans and are willing to tell strangers how much they like you. Convert a 4 into a 5 by offering to up your game and win an additional star. It makes you look good and you're gaining a fan in the process!

We can help you monitor online reviews from the most popular review websites such as Facebook, Yelp, Google and more. We will notify you and any other person involved in resolving online issues. With our system you can:

  • Review Email Notification
  • Review Reminders
  • Review Statistics
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Review Management

Deescalate situations and win customers over

We encourage every business owners to take charge when it comes to enhancing or fixing their online reputation, however this task can be too daunting for some. Hiring an agency can be too expensive and doing it yourself will create a distraction not to mention a great level of frustration.

We can make it easier for you to respond to your customer from a single place instead of signing in and out out of separated accounts or even using different apps. You can see and respond to reviews from our dashboard!

We perform the following actions with this service:

  • Popular Listing Management
  • Review Monitoring
  • Review Reminders
  • All Reviews in Dashboard
Review Management

Email/SMS Review Generation

Be proactive, not reactive

What do you do after someone leaves you a negative review? The right answer is that you don't wait for that to happen, instead you constantly generate postivie online reviews, and instead of watching people post negative comments, you watch your business go to the top of Google maps.

There are certain steps that most online review sites want you to follow when replying to negative or positive reviews, however there are other measures that you can take to make sure you keep your overall online reputation intact. These proactive measures will save you many headaches and increase your overall sales.

The process for accomplishing this is simple and with our Review Generation service you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • More Positive Reviews
  • Less Unhappy Customers
  • Better Overall Rating
  • Regular Flow of Reviews
  • Recent Online Reviews
Review Generation

Review Marketing

Rank Higher & Increase Overall sales

Once you have taken the time to enhance your overall online reputation, the final but continuous step to take is to promote your overall review rating everywhere you can. From a door sticker to your website and with the proper help from us, all over the internet.

We use rich snippet technology to display your average online business rating in search engines. We make your website stand out by embedding code that will make your website popup every time someone uses a search engine! We also promote ratings through widgets and other means.

This same rich snippets code alone can get you a 17 to 20% higher CTR than the same search result without any ratings when performing online searches. Online Review Marketing will:

  • Enhance SEO
  • Accelerate SEM
  • Enhance Brand Awareness
  • Increase Sales
Review Marketing
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