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Review Generation

[Do online reviews matter?]

Very much! According to a 2016 study, they're more important now than ever. A positive reputation is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to any business owner, and not only are these reviews trusted, but getting a constant flow of them may be the single-most important thing you can do inside your business to positively affect your search engine rankings, both locally and overall.

Our reputation management system helps you take control over your reputation, by providing you with tools to increase rating average, increasing your visibility, and creating a positive image of your brand.

Our system is instant, and you no longer have to hope for customers to remember to leave you a review after they leave, potentially forgetting to. You can generate regular flow of reviews, and taget top review websites such as:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • YP
  • Angie's List
  • TripAdvisor
Online Reviews

Simple and Effective Process

With only a few steps, you can enhance your overall online reputation. As simple as asking and receiving.


Main Features

These are some of the features that are included with every plan! There might be additional ones based on plan.

Top Review Websites

We connect you to the top websites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp, and make it easy for you to generate online reviews. It's easy on you and your customers, and the process is as easy as texting.

Personalized Message

We make it clear to your customers that the review request is for your business, and every page they see includes your business information! This way the know it's for a business they may just have left.


Get statistics on the number of clicks each request generates. See unique clicks and system information for each directory. This will help you keep track of how many people may have left a review.

Feedback Form

We provide customers with an online form they can fill out, this way they may reach out to you if they want to give you a chance to provide them with a solution to their issues. You'll get an email from them!

Website Integration

Whether we or someone else designed your website, we provide website integration, this way you also generate online reviews through your website. The process is even easier, and you still get the data.

Actionable CTA

We still don't provide full review management, however we provide you with actionable links that will make it easy for you to check your latest reviews, and even take action on them and fix the issue.

Our Affordable Subscription Plans

These are recurring monthly costs and there are no hidden fees.


Monthly Subscription

+ $75 Setup

  • 1 Location
  • 1000 Requests
  • Click Statistics
  • 6 Top Review Sites
  • View Latest CTA
  • Take Action CTA
  • Feedback Form
  • Website Integration


Monthly Subscription

+ $75 Setup

  • 2 Location
  • 2500 Requests
  • Click Statistics
  • 6 Top Review Sites
  • View Latest CTA
  • Take Action CTA
  • Feedback Form
  • Website Integration


Monthly Subscription

+ $75 Setup

  • 3 Location
  • 4500 Requests
  • Click Statistics
  • 6 Top Review Sites
  • View Latest CTA
  • Take Action CTA
  • Feedback Form
  • Website Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please let us know if you have a question not answered in this section.

What's included with the setup fee?

We will generate shortened urls that'll make it easy for you and your customers to request and leave a review. It's a single step for you, and 3 for them. You must already have active and claimed profiles. We can help you claim and manage them, however there's an additional cost.

Are incoming SMS counted as part of the SMS plan?

The system doesn't support incoming sms, unless it's bundled to a SMS marketing plan. Contact us for details.

What review websites are available?

We support up to six websites. Includes Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellowpages, Foursquare and another one of your choice.

Can I add several locations?

Yes! You can add as many locations as you need to, just note that there's an additional cost for running several locations.

Can I schedule a review request?

Unfortunately we don't offer that feature at the moment, however our system is always improving and we will be adding more features.

Can I store phone numbers?

Due to privacy and data concerns, we can't provide you with their information unless they explicitly request to. You can bundle this to a SMS marketing plan, then you can get their information.

Can I send images?

Not at this moment.

Can I include their name?

Not at this moment, however you can get names, phone numbers and even emails by bundling with our SMS marketing plan.

How does the feedback form work?

After landing on the feedback form, users can fill it out and email the form. This email and all its content arrives on your inbox, you can decide how to handle any feedback the customer may have provided.

What if someone calls the number?

There will be an automated response. If you'd like to use this number to receive calls, you may use it and it can be integrated into our Interactive Voice Response system. Note that this comes at an additional cost. Please check our second phone number page for more information.

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