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Indianapolis SMS Marketing

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According to some studies, 91% of millennials are text messaging during a typical week, and 51% of these millennials are willing to share their mobile number, if given an incentive. Another study shows a 96% read rate in minutes, which makes this type of marketing very effective.

With the help of our SMS Marketing automation system, you can create, schedule or send mass messages on the fly to any SMS marketing campaigns.

Our system has many more features and it includes unlimited campaigns, unlimited scheduled messages, unlimited subscribers, unlimited auto responders, etc.

Unlike other systems, we charge you as you go and we offer credits rollovers. There are no monthly minimums and you can recharge your account any time you want. There's however a one time low cost setup fee.

What are the benefits of SMS Marketing?

  • Direct & Instant Deliverability
  • High Open & Conversion Rates
  • No Spam Filters to Deal With
  • Quick Feedback from Customers
Mass SMS Marketing

Main Features

Import/Export Subscribers

You may import a CSV list of your subscribers (to avoid legal action, you must have written consent before you start sending advertising). You can also export a list of these at any time at no cost!

Web Forms

You can create an unlimited number of web forms, which you can embed in any website. You can also share any of your existing campaigns on your Facebook or Twitter account with only a couple clicks!

Scheduled Campaigns

Create an unlimited number of scheduled campaigns for any special offer. It supports MMS and it makes it easy to engage your audience on a regular basis and without any effort. No more forgetting!

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